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Unit4 Travel & Expenses

Unit4 Financials Expense Management module

Friday 2nd November


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Unit4 Travel & Expenses software takes the pain out of submitting and tracking expenses.

Enter transactions and receipt images on the
go and maintain complete visibility with seamless Unit4 Financials integration.

Users don’t require training or knowledge about current regulations, rates or relevant expense account codes to get started. They simply register their travel and expenses claims online using a computer, tablet or smartphone..

BillTrust To Coda Automation

Billtrust to Coda Interface

Friday 9th November

16.00 GMT

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Do you use Billtrust?

Do you manually input the cash file and reconcile into Coda?

Would you like to automate that process?

In collaboration with Ohio CAT and Billtrust, Millennium have built a solution to automatically take the cash file provided by Billtrust, convert to a payment journal, and post to Coda Financials which facilitates the Coda Financials Background Matching.

Purchasing & Invoice Matching

Unit4 Financials - Purchase Order Processing (POP) and Purchase Invoice Matching (PIM).

Friday 16th November

14.00 GMT

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Unit4 Financials POP/PIM will enable you to understand, control and manage costs to provide improved invoice matching, budgetary control and cash flow forecasting.

Six benefits of using an effective Purchase Ordering system include:

Costs approved before being incurred, Internal control enhancement, Management of committed costs, Improve project profitability, Consolidation and Reporting.