Microsoft Excel without the limitations

Unit4 Financials XL is a user-friendly tool that combines the power and control of Unit4 Financials with the familiarity and convenience of Microsoft® Excel® – enabling you to output, work with, display, share and even input your data, more easily and more reliably. It gives you reporting that harnesses the advantages of spreadsheets but overcomes their usual weaknesses and complexities. It feeds your reports with real-time data and makes them far easier to maintain and share.

XL is one of a group of complementary applications that help Unit4 Financials customers make the most of Microsoft® Excel® skills that many already have in place – offering significant time and money savings for the whole organization.

Unit4 Financials XL provides:

Reporting on a single, secure and current version of the truth: Because XL applies the security and validation settings of your Unit4 Financials application, you only need to create one version of the reports for instant online distribution – safe in the knowledge that each recipient will only be able to see the data for which they already have permission. It also means that you can refresh an entire report pack with the latest figures from the books – at a single click – and easily drill down into further detail.

Straightforward administration and security with useful “Toolkit” components: Additional administrative flexibility and control provide security settings to control which functions each user is allowed to access. Enhanced scheduling and distribution with XL Professional.

The XL report scheduler and distributor module allows you to schedule Microsoft® Excel® and XL reports with the option to specify the destination and file type. Reports can be output to a SharePoint® site, where alerts can be configured, or to a task in our process control and automation tools.

Easy data entry from within Excel®, eliminating the need to rekey or cut & paste: With the simple point-and-click/drag-and-drop tools, you can quickly create re-useable templates that will post transactions straight to the books from your existing spreadsheets, with full Unit4 Financials security and without needing any programming or IT support! Using XL is also an excellent way to securely upload budget and forecast revisions.

MillSoft’s CodaXL auto validation solution eases the burden of account validation within CodaXL. Normally when a user validates data before posting, CodaXL will stop and report on the first error. It will not read the whole spreadsheet for errors. So if a user has a spreadsheet with 10 accounting errors then he/she will have to correct and run validation 10 times until all the errors have been eliminated.

To overcome this problem Millsoft have built an add-on to Excel which automatically logs into the Unit4 Financials database through XML and checks every cell of the spreadsheet for erroneous accounting errors whether they are invalid accounts or incorrect left/right rules. It displays the Coda error message to the right of the offending cell(s). This allows the user to correct all the errors in 1 attempt.

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