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Millennium’s technical review has been specifically designed to ensure that the efficiency and performance of your Unit4 Financials system is optimised; empowering users to achieve optimum performance from their system and maximise the benefits from their investment.


The technical review includes:


•  Technical set up

•  Database and application server performance

•  RDBMS update review

•  Operating system environment error checking

•  Coda service packs and patches check

•  Database maintenance check

•  Database local disk backup check

•  Web servers check

•  Core thick client configuration check

•  Test environment set up

•  Disaster recovery review

•  Reporting server check

•  License audit

•  Bespoke software review


How it works


We discuss a provisional itinerary with you and arrange a convenient date for our Principal Consultant to visit and review your Unit4 Financials systems and processes with key stakeholders from your IT team.  


The length of time required for a system review depends on the level of complexity and the Unit4 Financials modules in use but typically ranges from 2 days (1 on-site , 1 day write-up) to 4 days (2 days on-site, 2 days write-up) of chargeable work.


What is the Output of the Technical Review?


The output is a report with detailed recommendations which then can become a client’s “Unit4 Financials improvement roadmap” for the coming months and years ahead.


The recommendations are split into short, medium and long term improvements.


Note that there is no obligation for a client to proceed with all (or any) of the recommendations, but going through this process, and formally setting out this roadmap, helps clients better understand how to best move things along to gain optimal performance from their finance system.


Unit4 Financials Technical Review

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