When you engage with Millennium to provide Unit4 Financials resources, you don't just get a person...

Finance operations and Finance Systems are at the heart of every organisation and therefore employing the best people in this critical area should be a high priority. The quality of any organisation is reflected in the calibre of the individual it employs.

Our world-class clients have high expectations and require people who will make a significant difference. Leadership skills, cultural fit, technical knowledge and a successful track record are essential requirements.

In light of this, if your organisation requires skilled people to implement, develop, manage or support your Coda Financials software, then why not take advantage of Millennium’s 20 years’ unrivalled experience working with organisations that use Unit4 Financials.

As the leading Unit4 Financials Management Consultancy and UNIT4 Consulting Partner, providing end to end finance transformation solutions, we are extremely well connected with organisations and people who work with Unit4 Financials all over the world.

· Consultants have the full support from the Millennium Head Office and Internal Unit4 Financials support team

· Millennium can provide on-going support for any interfaces or bespoke work that is developed

· Consultants have access to all Millennium’s Unit4 Financials deployment, upgrade & training documentation

· If your project has tight deadlines Millennium can provide additional resources to help get you back on track, such as covering staff being absent or bringing to bear any additional short term specialist skills you may need

· Consultants have access to all Millennium’s Unit4 Financials deployment, upgrade & training documentation

Our substantial network includes:

Unit4 Financials V13 Consultants, Strategic Consultants, Solutions Architects, Business Analysts, Applications Consultants, POP/PIM Consultants, Cognos Consultants, Build Consultants, Technical Consultants, Integration Consultants, Developers, Test Managers, Test Analysts, Training Consultants, Support Consultants.

By virtue of our hands on Unit4 Financials knowledge and experience, we are able to identify the highest calibre people for our clients. We can also help you draft job descriptions to ensure you are completely clear about the exact skills you need. Striving to exceed client expectations is a philosophy embraced by our team who provide exceptional service.

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