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Accurate, Integrated Business Reporting software for superior Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Business Intelligence

Prevero provides everything you need to transform disparate sources of financial data into actionable business intelligence. An extensive library of template-driven content makes it easy for power-users and end-users to create bespoke analyses, reports, charts, and simulation models for particular sectors or specialist fields with speed and agility.

Predictive analytics

Surface risks and opportunities by uncovering the patterns in historical data. Our state-of-the-art modelling enables you to see the hidden relationships.

You can assign a predictive score for individual entities like customers, SKUs, employees and more, in order to inform organisational processes across your business.

Data Visualisation

prevero’s intuitive data visualisations enhance your budgeting and forecasting, improving how you to plan, manage, mitigate, and succeed in increasingly competitive markets.Create reports, charts and models from any combination of data. Focus on identifying key drivers of profitability and growth, adapting more quickly to changing market conditions, and providing more powerful strategic insights.


Dashboards have become vital to effective business decision-making. Prevero allows you to track relevant KPIs using live data, creating instant graphical presentations of the current status while revealing historical trends.

Whether you need a departmental dashboard showing real-time numbers related to productivity, sales or staff recruitment or an overall financial progress report to enhance revenue planning, prevero gives you an edge.

Sales Planning

Successful sales planning means defining the right objectives. You need detailed knowledge of the product mix, and a clear understanding of how to make optimal use of the sales force. All of this is often held back however, by long processing times for relevant base data.

That can have an immediate effect on individuals’ target agreements and consequently on the amount of remuneration they receive, de-motivating the sales team.

The prevero solution

prevero Sales and Revenue Planning offers an integrated approach to planning, analysis and reporting. The solution‘s planning function provides a basis to determine the necessary requirements, demands and processes for sales and production.

Which products and regions are the most profitable? What combination of sales channels is best? What is the most efficient bonus structure? prevero allows you to define sales dimensions and generate precise recommendations for individual segments and customers. Our integrated approach covers the short-, medium-, and long-term planning horizons as well as the different planning categories.

prevero Sales and Revenue Forecasting supports the entire reporting process. All existing data can be integrated according to the "Single Point of Truth" principle, and in the same reliable way as in a data warehouse.

Risk Planning

From globalisation, to increasing competitive pressure, to new legal requirements, today’s corporates face a multitude of factors requiring effective risk management.

Complying with legal documentation and monitoring regulatory obligations are just two components of an effective risk management system. In addition to abiding by external rules, the broad concept of compliance includes measuring how closely a company is meeting its own internal specifications: company values, rules, processes, and how that impacts business objectives.

What are the risks implied by the company strategy? How can risk management support the achievement of company objectives?

prevero has the Answer

prevero Risk Planning provides companies of all sizes with software tools to identify and evaluate relevant risks, and make those measurements an integral part of the controlling process.

The system provides extensive documentation that allows finance teams to evaluate and understand the company situation at all times. In the case of an adverse event, the system supports crisis management by allowing finance teams to switch on pre-defined countermeasures. The financial effects of these risk-based measures can also be directly incorporated into financial planning.

That makes prevero Risk Planning an effective controlling instrument that enables users to actively influence the company‘s success.  It offers a number of natural connection points to other central applications, such as comprehensive key figure systems, strategy management, as well as internal and external reporting.

Profitability Analysis

Protecting your bottom line means monitoring, measuring, and managing costs. But in a time of increasing competition and consolidation, that’s no longer enough. Understanding the business at a detailed level is more important than ever.

If today’s finance teams are going to make informed decisions they need tools to determine direct, indirect, and activity costs; as well as a clear view of profitability at the department, product and customer levels.

Can you see which customers, accounts or portfolios are meeting performance expectations? Are your financial and operational assumptions future-proofed?

The solution

prevero Profitability Analysis powers nimble, real - time financial planning with the ability to assess, analyse and act on data. From scorecards to dashboards and ad hoc analytics, you’ll have the information they need to plan profitability.

The solution support organizations on profitability margin calculations according to various allocation rules and perform what if analysis in order to drive behaviour. You can understand variance reports, evaluate against allocation rules, and improve the basis for informed decision-making.

prevero is your central controlling point, allowing you to gain an understanding of commercial impacts across the business, while supplying the constraints you need to guide local actions.

Financial Planning

Disconnected systems. Disparate data. Spreadsheet-based systems and processes are time consuming and error-prone. Yet nearly 90 per cent of organisations continue to use them in the planning, budgeting and forecasting process.

The typical budget is already out-of-date by the time it’s finalised, leaving management vulnerable to market volatility and unable to exert timely management over business performance.

It’s time to end the pain of traditional planning, budgeting and forecasting (PBF).

Discover the rich BI Capabilities of a corporate performance management solution described as ‘visionary’ by Gartner, and one that thousands of customers across the world already depend on.

One platform, many outputs

From one consistent platform, prevero Budgeting & Planning enables you to control processes in a scalable and flexible way without losing time to non-value add tasks.

Whether you are planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, or forecasting how sales, costs and revenue will develop throughout the year, prevero can deliver the power and flexibility you need.

Our integrated approach covers short-term, medium-term and long-term planning horizons, and planning categories like integrated financial planning, to sales planning and production, material and personnel planning.

The solution comprises reporting and analysis and supports you with the latest planning tools, such as rolling forecasts, value-driver based planning or frontloading in short, frequent planning cycles.

HR Planning

Structural changes, new qualification requirements, and demographic shifts have given new meaning to personnel management. In addition to controlling costs, analytics are becoming increasingly important. It is essential to discover the individual potential in the employee structure, and to identify developments on the job market at an early stage.

In the end, results depend on people. With the introduction of the balanced scorecard concept, an employee-oriented perspective has found its place in corporate performance management (CPM).

The prevero solution

prevero HR Planning enables companies to carry out medium and long-term planning, both at the employee level and across several cost centres at once. It provides all necessary functions for effective HR management, including data modelling, analysis, reporting, planning, and authorization control.

Changes to standard parameters such as resource utilization, pay scales, special payments or social expenses, are taken into account automatically. Predictive scenarios can then be analysed based on employee turnover, wage development, employees returning from parenthood, or age structure, to identify their different impacts on the organisation.

The software‘s reporting functions offer a range of standardized reports that can easily be extended by adding queries. Individual analysis can be created with only a few clicks, e.g. personnel requirement planning, phone expense management, recruiting process performance, or the calculation of pro-rata provisions for holiday leave.

Project Planning

For businesses to grow and evolve, efficient project management is an essential part of management.  Successful change depends on running internal projects related to investment, construction, IT, or product development effectively. When it comes to external projects with customer or service provider touch points, effective project management becomes a matter of reputation.

Depending on scope, projects often involve a multitude of project managers, loads of resource, with processes and documentation that vary by need. Common tools for operative budget management often only allow for commercial monitor and control of single projects. When businesses are required to keep so many balls up in the air, this can jeopardise project success and put broader business objectives at risk.

Optimise Project Management with prevero

prevero Project Planning enables you to control several projects at once, and manage your project portfolio in a more efficient way. The system supports and assists you during the entire cycle: from concept development and application, through efficiency & profitability analysis, controlling and reporting, to post calculation.

Post-project learnings can be used to increase the efficiency and standardize project processes. Moreover, the prevero platform offers a seamless integration of all popular source systems, as well as group controlling and planning. In this way, customers are provided with a tool covering all requirements throughout the project value chain.


Even at the best of times, consolidation and financial close processes are complex, time-consuming and laden with risk. The connection of different ERP systems, coupled with factors like distance, language, and variances in accounting rules all threaten the speed and quality of financial statements.

Successful organizations also have to grapple with a growing number of entities, currencies, and intercompany transactions within a group. That makes it even harder to achieve fast close, or maintain optimal control over the audit process.

The solution

prevero consolidation makes reconciling intercompany transactions easier by handing back control to the entities themselves throughout the fiscal year. The solution automatically matches transactions and allows the involved partners to focus exclusively on any discrepancies detected.

Finance teams gain a fast and secure way to consolidate figures from various group subsidiaries. Different data types can be used for balance sheets and P&L, shareholdings, intercompany accounts in local or transaction currencies, group analysis, and analytics.

prevero helps you modernise your consolidation process, getting rid of manual, error-prone data entry and shortening the close cycle. When working with complex group structures or more intensive requirements for analysis and reporting, prevero‘s multidimensional subsidiary management add-on provides multidimensional data collection, group data planning, and convenient dashboards.

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