Flexi - Fields

Unit4 Financials Flexi-fields will enable you to enrich project analysis by incorporating additional data into a single source that will give you a simple and rapid solution to get more perspective on the project business.

With the ability to maintain database tables against elements you will have the insights to suggest and implement quick adjustments to the management and procedures of these projects. Adjustments that can have immediate effect on the budget, cash flow and bottom line.

You can add project team information, project managers, different milestones, delivery dates, attachments and lots of other relevant data.

Based on this a series of reports, flexi fields gives you new angles on the situation, so you can make immediate informed decisions. For example, you could discover that you company often has problems achieving milestones of go-live dates as you don’t put your best performing project managers and consultants on the biggest projects. This also effects the utilisation of your consultants.

The following types of data can be added to an element: Dates, Text, Integer values, Decimal values, Check boxes, Element level & codes and Tables.

Project/Contract Accounting

One obvious use of flexi-fields is within the area of project accounting. In previous versions the amount of information that could be entered against an element was limited. Now information can be added to control a project including: Start/end dates of projects, Ownership and responsibilities (Project Owner/Manager), Status (Approved/Issued/Awaiting Signature, etc.), Budgets, Links to other elements (eg customer) and Phasing of project (a complete table can be maintained).


Another area flexi fields will be useful is in the area of insurance/claims. The following types of information will be trackable for each policy/claim: Policy number, Claim number, Agent number, Invoice number, Plan code and Insurance type. There is no limit to the number of flexi fields that can be added to an element. Validation of what is entered into flexi fields can be accommodated in several ways including the writing of validation routines as a user extension.


Flexi fields create their own unique tables within the Unit4 Financials database allowing powerful reports to be developed using the in house metadata functionality. Bespoke views can be created using the flexi field and standard Unit4 financials tables to produce unique reports tailored for the organisation’s business needs.

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