Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module is part of the Unit4 Financials Product Suite.

Fixed Assets Features:

Integral to the Unit4 Financials solution’s single financial model – no batch updates, always in balance.

Track assets across multiple companies, currencies and “books”.

Flexible and standard depreciation rules:

- Any number of user-defined depreciation rules

- Plug-ins for global coverage

User-defined tracking, categorization

Disposals: full or partial

Transfer assets – either between cost centres or to create a new asset

Revaluate appreciating assets and post the financial transactions to separate revaluation accounts:

- Revalue by value, percentage or a customizable rule

Forecast future year depreciation charges:

- Export forecasts to a spreadsheet or to Unit4 Financials balance codes for further analysis or reporting.

Real-time enquiry facility to view exact financial status

Supports all methods of asset creation, including: bulk loading; automatic creation from an invoice; or customized manual entry:

- Mass loading of assets from an external system using XML

- Direct cost transfers from G/L WIP to Assets

In-tray facility allows the initial entry of asset details for subsequent authorization and capitalization

Users can browse customized lists of assets, with comprehensive drill-down to view full asset details, associated transactions and financial postings

Assets can hold values in multiple currencies. This means that you can:

- capitalize an asset from Unit4 Financials and record the cost of the asset in the currencies captured from Unit4 Financials

- create an asset manually and hold all its values in one or more additional currencies

- calculate depreciation based on the historic rates

- calculate full and partial disposals based on the historic rates

- revalue assets and forecast depreciation for assets in multiple currencies

- transfer assets, with their values being cleared down and reinstated in all currencies

- post transactions into Unit4 Financials using the currency values calculated in Assets.

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